Painter - graphic designer, regular  profesor of typography  at
the Novi Sad Art Akademy


Born on March 12 th 1952. in Novi Sad.
After graduating the school for Applied Arts and Design in Novi Sad,
he graduated the faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and post graduate studies.
Graduated M.A. for Graphics on 1982 in Belgrade.
Became Ph. D. on 2009 in Novi Sad.

He is the regular  professor at Art Academy in Novi Sad.
Since 2002 teaching Graphic engineering & design at the Faculty for Technical Science.

Since 1971 `been painting and making graphics in Studio nr. 2 at the Petrovaradin Fortress.
At first, he worked in the Studio of Miša Nedeljković – Hornverk 28.
Since 1986 owns a Studio in The Second Barracs nr.2.( Petrovaradin Fortress)
During the 80`s of the 20 th century, besides painting in the fashion of The New Figuration, he also makes portraits and still life.

On several occasions he was the representative of Vojvodina in ex Yugoslavia selection,
first at the exhibition of Yugoslovenian graphics in Central and Southern America 1987-1989.
Mexico City, Habanna, Kali, Bogota, Karakas, Lima and Buenos Aires,
as in selection for USA since 1990 to 1993. Washington, Rapid City, Shipsburg, Memphis.
At world`s exhibitions of graphics, Ljubljana, Mastriht, Kanagava, too.

Awarded on several occasions:
For painting,18 th Drawing room of Cetinje - 1984 Montenegro.
For drawing, The World Around Us, Dom JNA Belgrade 1979.
For sculpture, Tolmim, Slovenia 1977.
For poster, Festival of extended media, Belgrade, 1974.
For trade mark, The Year of Quality, Belgrade 1972.
Vojvodina Lottery, Novi Sad 1986.
For book cover, The Book Fair, Belgrade 1998. 

Had 36 individual exhibitions.
Individual exhibitions abroad: Stuttgart, Berghaim, Leverkusen ,in Germany 1986, and Mondavio Casle near Pesaro, Italy, 2005.

In Srbia :
 in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Sombor, Kragujevac, Priština, Subotica …




The Exhibition of  Slobodan Nedeljkovic Cultural Center, Stuttgart 

…The creations of  Slobodan Nedeljivic prove once again that it is necessary to pay more attention to creativity which has its roots in depths of a man, instead to some skin-deep "Coca-cola"art. Graphics and painting are successfully blended into one by the artist whose work we can see here. His paintings link as of those who lived before us, who thus enabled our present.

They remind us of Legends and Myths of  past times. A man as a man in space, as the constructive part of  the time flows. Inside the frame of this topic the artist puts his dominant figures above the groups they belong. This frame is pierced only by the painting that reminds us of the desire for discovering new things, manifested by Fenician, which shows us a man who leaves the space by his boat, so he could turn to new horizons and times. In all other cases, we have a feeling that we are watching the domes of grate churches, while spirals are probably supposed to present flows,  the flow of time, that is.

Shades of brown, red and gold depict sacral feelings, while these shades are replaced, from time to time, by blue and green color. The colors used by artist are not so intensive, nor obtrusive. Besides, Slobodan Nedeljkovic pays no attention to unnecessary, that is, minor details.

In his expressions, he limits himself to the essence of shaping the forms. It`s about forms that are able to outlive all times. Using arches, loops or arcades S. Nedeljkovic symbolizes the Architecture of Human life. Before our eyes he shows us in his paintings the ruins, already quoted Byzantine past down to resurrection.

The prints and the reproductions made by technique of combining, most often made by three zinc panels, have variety of colors, so none is repeated, which, on the other hand, provides the fact that all his creations are unique. That way, the visions of Byzantine glory and immortality are roused before us, put together in the typical Byzantine fashion of symmetry.

Honorable Ladies and Gentleman, today and at this place, thanks to the creations of Slobodan Nedeljkovic, you are in position to take with you, to take home, a piece of this past, as a document of our present.

Thank you for your attention.

February 28 th 1986, Stuttgart
Hannes G. Maier-Hohenstein


Filtered through an artist`s visions

That serious painting is possessed of its own lows, which are imminent to very being of art what Slobodan –Bata Nedeljković demonstrates in the best possible way. Renowned as an artist who, to the extent of utmost scrupulousness, listens to the beat of the spirit of the times. Nedeljković builds his painter`s continuity on solid bases. His once discovered painting, brought to the point of revelation, is further developed by means of a logic of contemplative search and action in the painting itself, along with the use of every possible painter`s means and laws. Armed with a wide range and variety of knowledge and abilities. He pushes forward, until perfection, a singular point of view, a weltanschauung of his own, for which a counterpoint can hardly be found in our contemporary art of painting 

Starting from the catacomb, that favorite motif and asylum of his, Nedeljkovic strongly manifests his academic mastery and craftsmanship. His painter`s semantics and grammar are truly more precise from the linguistic ones. If in his previous, earlier work, he restricted himself to more seldom signals, then it is elucidated step forward. Truly enough, even his former paintings and etchings featured Biblical themes, focusing on them as central, but they were presented in a minimalist manner, reduced to ideograms. To the depersonalised individual who, in his semi-circular, limited arch, is condemned to live, suffer and die. 

Here, however, we are looking at a fully developed range of great themes, biblical myths. Yet again, not given directly, but by means of allegorical stories and filtered through an artist`s visions. 

It should be said right away that Nedeljkovic does not experience myth as mere words, a simple story, but as a spirit, a genie who is seemingly indistructible and changes from one form to another, from one painting to another. The spirit of the icon, but the icon of the times we live in, in enriched and purified by Nedeljkovic, by new and various sediments of the ages of duration and experience, but painting achievements as well, of which the works of the Baroque masters are the closest possible examples of a successful parallel and evaluations. 

It goes without saying that the Cross is one of the greatest and most easily recognised ones! It is intentionally presented in such a way as to dominate over a complex composition of the painting, witch is executed and calculated in an almost mathematical, computer manner. 

The Cross was taken by Nedeljkovic as something given and inevitable. Something one should know how to carry both on the collective and personal back. That is what he does by this presentation. Humanly honorable and artistically powerful.

March, 2000.
Milan Živanović, writer


A word at the opening of  the 29 th  individual exhibition at Renata gallery 

It may seem to you, but only if  you were careless, that, as his best critic and interpreter , his father, pointed out, at some point it may seem to you, but be careful not to take it for granted but do try to find out what and in what way, at what time Slobodan – Bata Nedeljkovic allowed himself to be a bit carried away by emotions, and sometimes he does not let them overpower him.

He never allows them to break free, to go their own way. They are always under his control. And, no wonder that he chose, and at this time his attention was attracted, to the New Testament, but the old story.

The New Testament is an everlasting human story and it is good that only in this moment, on the eve of Easter, for we all dream that dream of  resurrection, and he interprets it in his best manner and brings as to or in the same composition, here it is, you have "ascending" from the cross, the ascending of Christ from the cross, and there will be found the one who ascended all that he had so we could see the moment of the resurrection. So, when he saw through that secret and when he found it the way he managed to present it here, and it flows down to eucharist, to ascending and to resurrection, so Slobodan – Bata Nedeljkovic started repaying his debt to ancestors in the best possible way.

That skill, the readiness to face the most severe battle with matter and come out victorious, is rarely given to anyone.

It all seems to me that one of those rare victors and privileged ones is just the one whose exhibition I, at this moment, announce opened.

Nikola Kusovac
April 4 th 2003, Novi Sad





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